Knight's Gambit

Try you skills and see how far ahead you can think in this classic game 


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  • Category Checkers & Chess
  • Program license Free
  • Works under: Windows 8 / Windows 7 / Windows Vista / Windows XP
  • Program available in English
  • Program by Myplaycity

Knight's Gambit is a single or multiplayer chess game for PC.

Knight's Gambit was developed by and and is a chess game offering four difficulty levels along with single and multiplayer games. The computer, or AI player, is well matched whatever the difficulty level chosen by the human player. Graphics for Knight's Gambit are decent, and there is a nice option to pick from 2D or 3D view. The table skin and chess piece designs can all be modified by the player. Knight's Gambit offers a hints setting which can be turned on or off. Hints make suggestions for the player's next move based on their current board layout.

The game Knight's Gambit is a little different from many older style chess games, this one allows for personal touches such as soundtrack - players can swap out songs to listen to while playing the game, from inside the game environment. Additionally, the graphics are done better than some of the class chess game software still available. Animated graphics and carefully done visual effects make the game a little more than staring at a virtual chess board and really go a long way toward livening things up during game play. Choosing from a number of chess sets and figures is another way that Knight's Gambit helps the player feel invovled in the game. An antique Iranian chess set is provided by Geogiv Ivanov.

As with board game chess, Knight's Gambit chess can be won with careful strategy whether against a computer player or a human player. Challenge friends and family over the internet or play one-on-one until you can crush your AI opponent. Whatever you choose, the same starting set of strategies will usually work if you are skillful with them.

First, don't isolate your pawns. Chains of pawns always work better than single pawns on the board. Second, double pawns are weak. Centre pawns are very helpful for organizing attacks. Plan the movement of your knights based upon their value. Keep knights away from the sides of the board, and remember that a knight fork is a strong weapon for defeating yoru opponent. Keep a bishop pair in open diagnola areas so that they can move around and really assist yoru game play. Seventh and eighth row rooks are a very difficult situation for an opponent to overcome. Last, but never least, enjoy the game!

To play Knight's Gambit requires a Windows XP/Vista computer with DirectX7 or higher, 600 MHz processor, and 256 Mb RAM.


  • Multi and single player
  • Good graphics
  • Hints menu


  • Only four difficulty levels
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